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Make the Most of Your NDIS Funds with Sydney Community Wellbeing

Are you seeking efficient management of your NDIS plan to optimise your funds? Look no further than Sydney Community Wellbeing, your trusted partner in NDIS plan management. Our friendly and expert team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the support you need to navigate your NDIS funding seamlessly.

Why Choose Us as Your NDIS Plan Manager?

Partnering with Sydney Community Wellbeing for your plan management is akin to having a personal financial advisor for your NDIS funds but with the added benefit of full funding from the NDIS. 

Here's how we assist you in maximising your plan:

1. Streamlined Processes: 

Say goodbye to paperwork hassles and worries. We handle all your NDIS invoices promptly and accurately, ensuring your records are securely stored, and any invoice issues are swiftly resolved.

2. Online Dashboard Access: 

Gain access to your personalised online dashboard, making budget 

management a breeze. Track your spending, approve invoices, and receive helpful tips—all conveniently accessible via our mobile app.

3. Expert Support: 

Rely on our team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of the NDIS. We're dedicated to proactively assisting you in optimising your funds to meet your support needs effectively.

4. Quick Reimbursements: 

Experience rapid reimbursements for your out-of-pocket NDIS expenses, with funds returned to you within just one business day.

5. Financial Guidance: 

Benefit from our monthly overviews and spending alerts, ensuring you utilise every penny of your NDIS funds efficiently to access the support you require.

6. Exclusive Offers: 

Enjoy unique customer benefits, including expedited processes for purchasing essential items like iPads through our trusted partners.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to simplify your NDIS plan management and make the most of your funding? Reach out to us today via live chat or phone to discuss your needs and get started on optimising your NDIS plan with Sydney Community Wellbeing.

How to Include Plan Management in Your NDIS Plan

Plan management falls under Improved Life Choices in your NDIS plan. If you're interested in incorporating it into your plan, simply request it from your LAC or NDIA representative. Already have it? You're all set to sign up with Sydney Community Wellbeing!

Access Exclusive Benefits:

As a valued member of the Sydney Community Wellbeing family, you gain access to exclusive deals through our special partner offers. With over 20 offers available, you can take advantage of various benefits tailored to enhance your NDIS plan experience. Explore our ever-changing offers and maximise your plan benefits today!


What does plan management entail?

Answer: Plan management is akin to having an accountant assist you with your taxes, fully funded by the NDIS. A proficient plan manager handles your NDIS administrative tasks, addresses your queries, and guides you in optimising your funds effectively.

Is there a cost associated with plan management?

Answer: Plan management is covered by the NDIS and is accessible to all NDIS participants. Simply request it during your planning meeting to avail of this service.

What advantages does plan management offer?

Answer: With Sydney Community Wellbeing, you gain access to a team of experts who provide invaluable support and guidance in navigating the complexities of the NDIS. Benefit from seamless management of your NDIS invoices, swift reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, and access to tools and resources for easier budget management.

How can I confirm if plan management is included in my NDIS plan?

Answer: Plan management falls under Capacity Building supports and Improved Life Choices in your plan. If it's not included, you have the right to request it from your LAC or NDIA representative.

How do I enrol for plan management with Plan Partners?

Answer: Enrolling for plan management with Sydney Community Wellbeing is simple! Visit our signup page, follow the straightforward steps, and we'll contact you. Alternatively, you can contact us, and we'll assist you with the signup process over the phone.

What distinguishes registered from unregistered providers?

Answer: Registered providers have the privilege of claiming their invoices directly with the NDIS. However, there are excellent unregistered providers as well, accessible only if you self-manage your funds or enlist the services of a plan manager like us.

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