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Empowering Independence Through Household Tasks

Our NDIS household tasks program at Sydney Community Wellbeing is designed to empower participants to manage their daily chores independently or with minimal assistance. Through tailored support, individuals gradually gain increased independence and mobility as they learn and master various household tasks.

Leading NDIS Provider for Household Tasks in Sydney

As a registered NDIS provider specialising in household tasks, Sydney Community Wellbeing is dedicated to assisting individuals facing challenges in their daily lives. We are committed to providing the best household tasks services under the NDIS, offering support with a wide range of domestic activities.

Promoting Health and Happiness Through Home Maintenance

Maintaining a clean and organised home is vital for overall well-being. Under the NDIS household tasks category, we offer assistance with domestic chores and activities to ensure a conducive environment for our participants' health and happiness.

Customised Home-Based Support

Our trained support staff delivers personalised, home-based support tailored to everyone’s needs. Whether it's assistance with housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping, or minor repairs, we aim to help participants maintain their independence while strengthening their household management skills.

Specialised Care for Diverse Needs

Sydney Wellbeing Community offers specialised care services catering to various needs, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, stroke recovery, and dementia care. Our comprehensive approach ensures that individuals receive the support they require to thrive in their home environment.

NDIS Funding for Household Tasks

Under the NDIS, funding is available for assistance with household tasks deemed reasonable and necessary. This includes a wide range of activities such as housekeeping, meal planning and preparation, shopping, minor repairs, and provision of specialised equipment. Additionally, assistive products are funded to alleviate the impact of disabilities on household tasks, promoting greater independence and quality of life.

Discover quality support with Sydney Wellbeing Community

As a trusted NDIS service provider serving the Sydney area and North Shore region, Sydney Wellbeing Community is committed to delivering high-quality support services tailored to your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in achieving your goals and enhancing your quality of life.


How does the NDIS contribute to the cost of activities?

While the NDIS may provide additional funds for individuals facing challenges in participating in social and recreational activities due to their disabilities, the responsibility for covering the cost of these activities still lies with the participant.

Does the NDIS offer assistance for air conditioners?

The NDIS offers funding to individuals with medical conditions that affect their body temperature regulation, which may include support for air conditioning to address these challenges.

Can I receive NDIS coverage for a mobile phone?

Mobile phones are typically not covered by the NDIS because they are a necessary part of daily life. They are unlikely to incur additional costs directly related to disability needs.

How can I access NDIS support for household tasks?

Participants can utilise their NDIS Core Supports budget to access household tasks services, which fall under the "Assistance with Daily Life" category. These services aim to support participants in their daily activities, promote independent living, and foster greater autonomy.

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