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Assisted Life Stage Transition

Transitioning Between Life Stages

Navigating life transitions can pose challenges, especially for individuals with disabilities. At Sydney Community Wellbeing, we specialise in providing tailored support to NDIS participants throughout various life stage transitions.

Assisting Life Stage Transition with NDIS Support

Our aim is to empower participants to understand the purpose of their funded supports and actively engage in their communities by fostering stronger connections with support systems. Through ongoing support management and responsive assistance, we ensure that participants comprehend their plans and navigate transitions smoothly.

Comprehensive Support Services

Sydney Community Wellbeing offers both short-term and long-term support solutions designed to facilitate independent living, community participation, and support coordination. Our services encompass a range of vital aspects, including accessing support networks, housing and tenancy guidance, skill development, decision-making assistance, and budgeting support.

Specialised Employment Assistance

Transitioning into the workforce or seeking new employment opportunities is a significant milestone. Our dedicated team provides professional and supportive assistance to individuals seeking employment while under the NDIS. From skills enhancement to interview preparation, we tailor our support to meet your specific needs and goals.

Holistic Support Offerings

Participants can rely on us for a wide array of support services, including strengthening capacities, fostering independent living skills, crisis resolution, financial mentoring, and daily planning. Additionally, we facilitate the formation of supportive networks within the community and offer referrals to other relevant programs and services to aid in goal setting and life planning.

Empowering Transitions

Sydney Community Wellbeing is committed to empowering individuals throughout their life transitions. Whether it's navigating housing options, addressing tenancy obligations, or fostering individual skill development, we provide holistic support to ensure a seamless transition into new life stages.


How does support coordination for life stage transitions work under the NDIS?

Answer: Support coordination plays a crucial role in facilitating life stage transitions, promoting enhanced community participation, and providing comprehensive support coordination throughout the process.

Why is it important to plan for your life transitions?

Answer: Planning for life transitions allows for individual skill development through mentorship, peer support, and volunteer assistance in both home and community settings. Engaging in social activities, maintaining connections, attending appointments, managing shopping, and handling bills are all vital aspects of this process.

Is osteopathy covered by the NDIS?

Answer: Osteopathy is eligible for government funding, which can be supplemented by private insurance, extras coverage, and Medicare referrals. Certain circumstances may also qualify for financing from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), workers’ compensation, and the NDIS.

Does the NDIS cover osteopathy services, including home visits?

Answer: Once necessary approvals are obtained, osteopathic services, including home visits, are covered under the NDIS, ensuring comprehensive support for eligible individuals.

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