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Assisted Access and Maintain Employment

Accessing Support for Employment with Sydney Community Wellbeing

Finding and maintaining suitable employment is essential for every individual's well-being and independence. Through the NDIS, individuals with disabilities can access comprehensive support to secure, retain, and advance in employment opportunities, enhancing their workplace skills and career prospects.

Assisted Access & Maintain Employment Services in Sydney

Sydney Community Wellbeing offers specialised programs aimed at assisting individuals and groups in accessing and maintaining employment. Our dedicated team helps connect participants with professional networks and potential employers, ensuring ongoing support to retain their jobs successfully.

Eligibility and Support

Participants who secure employment before enrolling in the NDIS are also eligible for support. Depending on the jurisdiction, certain forms of support may be subject to Commonwealth Quality and Safeguards, such as the National Standards for Disability Services certification.

Skills Development and Career Goals

Our employment support programs focus on equipping participants with essential skills for thriving in the modern job market. From resume writing to interview preparation, we provide tailored assistance to enhance employability. Additionally, we assist individuals in setting and achieving employment and career goals, fostering a supportive environment for professional growth.

Comprehensive Support Services

Sydney Community Wellbeing offers a range of support services under the Assisted Access & Maintain Employment program, including pre- and post-employment job support, group job preparation, and assistance for school leavers transitioning into the workforce. We also support further education and training initiatives for NDIS participants, empowering individuals to pursue their career aspirations.

Professional Support Team

Our team comprises professionals from various fields, including educators, welfare workers, mental health professionals, and disability support specialists. With their expertise and dedication, we provide holistic support to individuals seeking to access and maintain meaningful employment opportunities.

Sydney Community Wellbeing is committed to empowering individuals with disabilities to achieve their employment goals and lead fulfilling lives. Contact us today to learn more about our Assisted Access & Maintain Employment services.


How does the NDIS contribute to employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities?

Answer: The NDIS plays a crucial role in supporting individuals with disabilities in their employment journey. It offers a range of employment services designed to assist people in preparing for, securing, and sustaining employment. Additionally, the NDIS facilitates employers' efforts to hire and integrate individuals with disabilities into the workforce by providing training, guidance, and resources.

Can I still receive NDIS support if I already have a job?

Answer: Absolutely. NDIS participants who require additional assistance in pursuing their employment goals can access NDIS employment support services. These services are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities who are seeking to maintain their employment or advance in their careers.

What is the role of ADEs in the NDIS employment support framework?

Answer: ADEs, or Disability Enterprises, are organisations sanctioned under the NDIS that offer employment opportunities to people with disabilities. These enterprises not only provide job opportunities but also offer educational programs and skill-building initiatives to enhance the capabilities of their employees. ADEs are dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities in their daily work tasks and overall professional development.

Could you explain the concept of specialised supported employment under the NDIS?

Answer: Specialised supported employment, categorised under the NDIS Core budget, is tailored to individuals who are employed but require additional support to perform their job tasks effectively. This specialised support aims to empower participants to maintain employment while increasing their independence in the workplace.

What is the process for developing an NDIS plan, particularly regarding employment goals?

Answer: As a Support Coordinator, the process involves collaboratively developing a service plan that aligns with the participant's employment objectives. This plan is crafted to help individuals achieve their goals, enhance their skills, foster independence, and actively engage in their workplace and community. Coordination of expert support services is integral to facilitating the participant's success in reaching their employment milestones.

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